Scale your business by hacking your decision-making


Scale your business by hacking πŸ”§ your decision-making

The risks of not sharing our decision-making are felt πŸ˜– every day in organizations. Growth is inhibited and staff morale declines.

One common story told by staff is how a lack of clear decision-making results in their decisions being reversed. The result is a culture where staff invites the founder to every meeting. Every one of us some time in our careers has endured this type of internal friction that’s led to a decision-making πŸ”₯ meltdown.

Decision-making meltdown occurs where staff no longer have the confidence to make a decision, and instead languish in procrastination and fault-blaming.


Hardly a minute goes by in our working lives when we are not making a decision. Decisions can be as small as our choices of words ✍️ to use in an email to a customer, and they can be as big as what to put in the next feature release. With so many decisions being made, how do we scale while preserving the types of decisions the founder makes?

Here are three steps to begin freeing 🍷 a founder from a sales role.

01 adopt a decision-making framework

02 hack your decision-making

03 start sharing your decision-making

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Anthony has two decades of experience consulting to marketplace and software-as-service startups. Brands include, Google, SAP, and IBM. He specializes in designing sales systems and is the author of the book run_frictionless: how to free a founder from a sales role. He has consulted to startups from the United Kingdom, Korea, Singapore, Philippines, and Australia. Anthony has been a founder of two startups. When he’s not working, Anthony enjoys racing sports bikes and sailing boats.

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