Run a frictionless 🌈 law practice

4Qs framework

Run a frictionless 🌈 law practice


Run a frictionless 🌈 law practice

I was a guest speaker at Lawaustralasia in 2023. My topic was how to create a frictionless law practice. The session included the concept of friction and the benefits of creating a frictionless customer experience. We demonstrated that friction is both internal and externally felt by the customer.

I shared a framework I use to hunt and eliminate friction called the 4Qs.

4Qs framework


The 4Qs is a decision-making framework designed to help founders and sales teams πŸ† scale a business. Quadrant 1 addresses whom we serve. The remaining three Quadrants deal with what we are serving the customer, what we share in common with the customer, and how we serve the customer.Β 

4Qs digital transformation framework

100% of your business should come from 100% of your customers

Frictionless law practice

So I wrote the 4Qs because I needed a robust tool that addressed friction at an organizational level. Reducing friction lifts the sales performance of the entire sales organization and places less pressure on individual sales performance.

There are plenty of frameworks out there but none of them are predicated on reducing friction. And none of them are built with product-market fit in mind. A big influence came from Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Netscape who coined the idea ‘product-market fit’.


For a lot of us, ‘fit’ was a light bulb moment. What made his metaphor so brilliant was that rather than thinking of building a business as a step 1, 2, 3, Marc is saying it is 1, 2 then 1, and then 2, and then 1 again.

While I like this metaphor of ‘fit’, however, product-market is a little too broad and I needed something more granular. The 4Qs encourages users to β€˜play’ or β€˜fit’ πŸ•Ή one quadrant with another.

Today, we have identified at least eight kinds of plays or fits that one can make using the 4Qs, making it easier to apply.

For example, by classing decision-making as a Quadrant 1-2 fit or a Quadrant 1-3 fit, everyone understands the gravity of the decision being made, and how it will affect their respective Quadrants.


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Anthony has two decades of experience consulting to marketplace and software-as-service startups. Brands include, Google, SAP, and IBM. He specializes in designing sales systems and is the author of the book run_frictionless: how to free a founder from a sales role. He has consulted to startups from the United Kingdom, Korea, Singapore, Philippines, and Australia. Anthony has been a founder of two startups. When he’s not working, Anthony enjoys racing sports bikes and sailing boats.

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